Between Earth and the Sky: The Spiritual State of Our Times

“Between Earth and the Sky: The Spiritual State of Our Times” seeks to embody the active nature of a live exhibition. Dialogue is the very foundation of each work in this exhibition. The artists and the curator cross-examine one another, for the purpose of sparking debate. As much as possible, there is no fixed framework or pre-established goal. Each work expresses an assembly of many meanings. Here, dialogue, collaboration and process take place.


The final results are, on the one hand, “exhibited works,” but on the other hand, they begin to carry out the mission of cross-referencing: The works serve as messages of the medium, directly interacting with visitors. And through visitors, who form a second level of the medium, a transformative channel in message transmission is formed, allowing viewers and participants to fully throw themselves into the process of perception, and moving the medium (the work) to a new vantage point. The whole process is like challenging the works to battle. And in everything that takes shape within it, in all the forms expressed, and in the reversibility ultimately produced by these forms, their “active nature” is readily apparent.


This exhibition lies in between the immediate moment and the “spectacle” of daily life, seeking to depict the spiritual state of our times from a variety of perspectives: people, environment, ecology and ailment. Moreover, through the structure and basic principles of a live exhibition, a vision of reality materializes, regarding life and thought, environmental sustainability, the “real world” we imagine, and the universal meaning of technological civilization. Under the azure sky, nature, the universe and the stars reveal many meanings.




Jo Hsiao, Yi-Wei Keng





Su-Yuan Wu, Slow Geng (Motif Design)        

Chen-Wei Lee     

James Ming-Hseuh Lee    

Ching-Yueh Roan  

Hui-Chih Hsu    

Chia-Ying Chang    

Chih-Chung Chang    

Liang-Hsuan Chen, Musquiqui Chihying    

Clockwork Noses     

Resident Island Dance Theatre