Affect Machine: Self-healing in the Post-Capitalist Era



The exhibition explores an “affective” art history through the audio-visual poetics of 7 artists and art collectives, including Rebecca Horn, Chen Hui-Chiao, Chen Chen Yu, Cam Xanh, John Akomfrah,  Olafur Eliasson, Chu Hao-Pei and Lee Chang-Ming.  Affect emerged with various crises, such as the spectacle, anxiety, and violence in the era of post-capitalism. “Affect” and “machine” appear to be antithetical, they coexist in the painting machine, prosthesis, biological and informational coding of the exhibits. We trace a history of affect through body art, multi-media installation, and anthropological exploration into the environment and religions.  We invite the audience to imagine the exhibition as an ensemble of healing machines. In the process of negotiating with various mediums, viewers can practice self-pacifying and the releasing of tension.