Collecting and so on

2017/01/07 - 2017/09/17

Children's Art Education Center

For its thematic exhibition and education program Collecting and So On, the Children's Art Education Center at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum has invited six artists to exhibit work and develop experiential workshops, interactive tours, and storybook readings related to collecting. Artists include: Gabriele Galimberti, whose photography series Toy Stories depicts children with their toys in various places around the world to present life in these regions; Koichi Kurita, whose Soil Library/Japan includes soil collected from sites around Japan and expresses the artist's concern for the land and humanities; Wu Chien-yi, whose adhesive tape constructions rely on contemporary techniques to transform memories of whimsical security bars on windows around Taiwan; Alexandre Lévy, whose interactive installation Taiwan Sensations involves aural, visual, and tactile perceptions; video artist Wang Ya-hui, whose work Dust in a Dim Light is made from dust collected from one of her homes that she has not lived in for a long time and focuses on the nature of change and the unlocking of time with video and installation; and the ardent weaver Kang Ya-chu, whose site-specific work reflects things she has collected, discovered, and seen throughout her various journeys. Collecting and So On aims to initiate dialog and exchange among visitors with artwork, and from the perspectives offered by these artists, make visitors think about diverse forms of collecting and their relationships to this activity.




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