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Research work of a fine arts museum refers to the developmental work for culture and arts. It is one of the important roots for a fine arts museum with regard to keeping its vitality and motives power during its ingoing developmental process, and for preventing its decay. There are three parts in the research work of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum: The development of museum affairs, the academic research in fine arts, and research publication.
Development of Museum Affairs
Convening the biweekly meetings of the Museum's ‘Developmental Group’ members, the discussions of which focus on the development of ideas for TFAM's operations as well as on the making of policies, rules, and regulations regarding the exhibition, safekeeping, and promotion of the Museum.
Academic Research in Fine Arts
Convening the research personal to study the topics related to the contemporary Chinese arts; modern water ink arts; contemporary global image; the study of sales and visitors; educational promotion; the art history of Taiwan; the Study of our Museum's collections; planning for exhibition and other practical affairs of the our Museum.
Research Publication
Each year periodically producing academic publications with regard to the fine arts (Such as Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Essay on Modern Arts, and Modern Arts Bimonthly), as well as planning and preparing for in-depth lectures and informal discussions on important topics. Theme publications are irregularly published and form on a variety of topics. Workers of the Research Section are responsible for their writing, editing, and compilation; or for soliciting essays from influential domestic and foreign experts and scholars and compiling them into books.