The Herstory of Abstraction in East Asia



The curatorial research of The Herstory of Abstractionin East Asia started with the proposal of putting “abstract art” in quotation marks, which suggests an open-ended contemporary perspective. By inviting female artists from three East Asian countries--Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, we explore alternative ways of defining “abstract art” through retrospective reflections on the historical trajectory of abstract art from the post–World War II era to the present. We also address the particular issue of how to respond to contemporary painting.


The keywords of this exhibition are “East Asia,” “abstraction,” and “female.” This curatorial research explores the trajectories of many female artists’ abstract painting careers, as well as the new artistic genealogy in the East Asian culture affected by Western Modern Arts. By casting a spotlight on the hitherto neglected area of abstract painting by female artists in East Asia Art History, the exhibition fills up this vacuum with an indispensable historical perspective.



Curated by MOON Jung-Hee and WANG Pin-Hua

Participating Artists: KUSAMA Yayoi, TANAKA Atsuko, CHOI Wook-Kyung, CHANG Sang-Eui, YANG Kwangja, YANG Shih-Chih, TATSUNO Toeko, CHEN Hsing-Wan, HSUEH Pao-Shia, ISHIKAWA Yukie, AHN Mija, HUNG Yi-Chen, TSUGAMI Miyuki


※ Photography or video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited inside this exhibition.