Cold Chain—Hou I-Ting Solo Exhibition



Cold chain” is the terminology which originated in the logistics supply and refers to contemporary methodical engineering that items relying on low temperature environment from the raw material suppliers, processing factories to storage and transportation, and the items are transported for a long time and maintained with good quality. It adapts the modern governance (control) when people are in the producing relationship with manufactured goods according to the system throughout the reaction of distribution, value exchange and communication to extend the production, trade and value transition of art network nowadays.


The exhibition divides into three sections; the First Workshop is about the modern imprisonment system that works in the high-density production line while serving in freedom penalty. And the artist commissioned the self-employed workshop within women’s prison to manufacture the products, drawing an analogy to free market and the mechanism of labor in prison. As for the Second Workshop displays archival photographs, the students of girls school turning to the post-service in World Warduring the Japanese colonial period and working in excursion gathering, marine education, practical training, physical exercise and making the Comfort Bags for Japanese military ,represent the activities through the archival images as live performance at the exhibition. Whereas the Third Workshop narrates the substitute employees on the streets who were excluded from the global economic system, serving the huge system as this city.




  • Hou I-Ting

        Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1979, currently live and work in Taipei. She received a degree from the Taipei National University of the Arts, and later obtained a MFA degree in plastic arts at the Tainan National University of the Arts.   Combining embroidery with digital image...