Taipei Art Awards 2018


The Taipei Art Awards is one of the most important, forward-looking, and indicative visual arts award in Taiwan's contemporary art scene. With the hopes of stimulating more diverse ways of thinking, it encourages the creation of works that are in tune with  the spirit of the times and have a unique style, and strives to discover outstanding art creators. Over the years, it has become a stage for new talents in the art world to show their creative energy. The Taipei Art Awards has been held every year since TFAM first opened in 1983, bearing witness to the development of Taiwan's contemporary art and to the fruitful achievements accumulated for more than 30 years. Responding to the redefinition of the exhibition space, 2018 will be the first edition of Taipei Art Awards taking place on the third floor of TFAM.


After two-stage selection, 14 participating artists of “2018 Taipei Art Awards” include Dondon・Hounwn, Chen-Yu Chen, Yu Siuan, I-Chun Chen, Yun-Han Chang, Walking Grass Agriculture, Ghost Shovel Ghost Mountain Collective, Yu-Ping Kuo, Yi-Chi Lin, Lien-Cheng Wang, Chien-Ju Chia, Chia-En Jao, Zih-Yan Ciou, Wen-Hsuan Chang. 14 pieces of works will be on exhibit in museum Galleries 3A and 3B from December 22, 2018 to March 31, 2019.