New Media Collection 1965-2005 Centre Pompidou

Video as a form of richly creative artistic expression gradually took root in the 60s and has continued to develop and mature in the 40-odd years since. One could say the collected video, multimedia and program works of the Pompidou Center in France encompasses some of the most important examples of video art from 1963 through 2005, including multimedia creations once excluded from fine arts museums and numerous other video works not heretofore regarded as “art.” In April 2006, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum will bring an exhibition of more than 30 classic video creations from the Pompidou Center collection to the domestic audience. Christine Van Assche, director of New Media Art for the Pompidou Center, planned the exhibition, which will include classic works from such masters of Western video art as Nam June Paik, Gary Hill, Bill Viola and Tony Oursler. Through “New Media Art of the Pompidou Center 1965-2005,” we’ll take visitors into a world of visual creativity, drawing on digital media for an overview of the accomplishments wrought through this fusion of modern video media and into an illusory world of art created through video.