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This journal was established to accept open submissions and conduct fair review of essays in order to present academic research on modern and contemporary art. In June 1998, the first issue was published. In 2004, bi-annual publication began and publication dates set for May and November. In 2016, beginning with the 31st issue, the Journal has discontinued its print edition to become a purely digital publication with all content available for free on the website of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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Call for Papers NO.43: Memory and Identity in Art

In recent years, researchers have delved into various disciplines to study memory and identity; therefore, they open and establish the organic and dynamic connections between these disciplines and art in a trans-disciplinary manner. Such an approach involves the writing of art history, the study of artists’ lives, the identity of art critics and their objectives, and the reflection and embodiment of memory and identity in artworks of various genres. For this issue, the Journal of TFAM welcomes article submissions in accordance with the study of memory and identity in art. Problematics may encompass (but not limited to) topics such as: How does the construction of power and identity under the grand narrative of art history about memory (historical painting, art politicization, etc.) or identity transformation affect art history writing? How are the collective memory and national identity which are hidden in artistic creations of different times and regions revealed? In the context of globalization, when cultural memory is dealing with the postcolonial myth, does the intervention of contemporary art manifest a gesture of criticism or complicity? How do we interpret the artists’ autobiographical memory and identity that lie in their artworks? How do the changes in memory technology in the digital age affect us when we rethink contemporary phenomena in art? How do public art and artistic actions engage in the affirmation of memory and identity in the midst of urbanization and gentrification? As COVID-19 is ravaging the world, how do we reflect on artworks about disease and disaster in history? Experts and researchers are welcomed to present their insights.


The deadline for No. 43 is Nov 30, 2021