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This journal was established to accept open submissions and conduct fair review of essays in order to present academic research on modern and contemporary art. In June 1998, the first issue was published. In 2004, bi-annual publication began and publication dates set for May and November. In 2016, beginning with the 31st issue, the Journal has discontinued its print edition to become a purely digital publication with all content available for free on the website of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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Call for Papers NO.38

Discourses on Body, Performance and Preforming Art Since the 1990s in Taiwan. Since the 1990s, due to the martial law coming to an end, the imposing restriction of authoritarian political ideology on people’s daily life has gradually disintegrated. The afore-accumulated social energy thus burst out through diverse methods. Social movement, performance art, theater or dance that took body as the medium were eagerly seeking for possible patterns which could be realized. Today, thirty years later, social movement, performance art or performing art are all searching for new forms under the promoting of interdisciplinary awareness; while “body” again is set as the basis of these discourses. Such concepts as participatory, immersiveness, interaction, presence… are the product of such trend. In order to break through boundaries among the disciplines, and to again search for the routes of history and future possibilities, this issue take the discourse of “body” as the main axis, along with related discourses of social movement, performance and performing arts, aiming to expand the related discussion of Taiwan’s art history and theories in arts.



The deadline for No. 38 is May 30, 2019



Journal of TFAM No.38/Call for Contributions