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This journal was established to accept open submissions and conduct fair review of essays in order to present academic research on modern and contemporary art. In June 1998, the first issue was published. In 2004, bi-annual publication began and publication dates set for May and November. In 2016, beginning with the 31st issue, the Journal has discontinued its print edition to become a purely digital publication with all content available for free on the website of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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Call for Papers NO.42: Publication as Possibility for Artistic Practice

Since 2000, “Art Book Fair” has emerged in different cities around the world. Within its parameter, the Art Book publishing, dealing with contemporary art, literature, graphics, layout, design, editing, and distribution, has made the publication “book” become an entity of an alternative artistic practice. This issue calls for papers which will focus on the cultural phenomena on “book” in the art scene, aiming to establish a new mode of perception in the on-going shaping of the diverse status quo.  The transformation of books/ publications from media to an artistic practice needs more research and writings. The issues may include, but are not limited to, the following: In the context of publishing as an artistic practice, what is the significance of conventional boundaries of genre? How do digital humanities and social media affect our understanding of the book’s interface? With the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, some art book fairs are changed into the form of “Virtual Art Book Fair,” what imagination of books does it reveal? How does new media’s intervention develop the flipping, masking, and layering of books? 


The deadline for No. 42 is Jun 30, 2021