Julian Rosefeldt World-Making Film and Photo Works Video ArtNew Media ArtExhibition Catalog

Preface Julian Rosefeldt’s Living Theater│ 3
Hai-ming Huang Director of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Texts Overpowering and Disillusionment│Stephan Berg 10
Uberwaltigung und Desillusionierung│Stephan Berg
Inside the Hedge Fund Manager’s Head│Interview with Julian Rosefeldt by Robert Seidel
Im Kopf des Hedgefondsmanagers│Julian Rosefeldt im Gesprach mit Robert Seidel 42
Works Asylum 81
Trilogy of Failure│The Soundmaker‧Stunned Man‧The Perfectionist 101
Lonely Planet 153
The Shift 173
American Night 201
My home is a dark and cloud-hung land 245
Appendix Biographies 273
List of works 275
Acknowledgments 278