The Curator of Taipei Biennial 2014

Date:2013/12/01 - 2014/09/30
Type:Exhibitions & Events

Nicolas Bourriaud selected as the curator of Taipei Biennial 2014


The Taipei Biennial 2014 will be held at Taipei Fine Arts Museum from 13th September 2014 through 4th January 2015.


Taipei Biennial 2014
September 13, 2014-January 04, 2015
Opening September 12, 2014
Organizer Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Curator Nicolas Bourriaud


The French art critic/curator Nicolas Bourriaud (born 1965) has been selected as the curator of the Taipei Biennial 2014. Titled “The Great Acceleration”, it will develop his curatorial concept for the biennial around the topic Art and Its New Ecosystem: A Global Set of Relations.

2014台北雙年展策展人Nicolas Bourriaud

Nicolas Bourriaud, curator of Taipei Biennial 2014 ©Taipei Fine Arts Museum

In the Taipei Biennial 2014, curator Nicolas Bourriaud will expand on his theory of relational aesthetics, examining how contemporary art expresses this new contract among human beings, animals, plants, machines, products and objects. The exhibition will highlight the way artists focus on links, chainings, connections and mutations, and how they envision planet earth as a huge network, where new states of matter and new forms of relations appear, forming a new state of the “ghost dance” between people and objects that Karl Marx has described in the 19th century. Lecture Film

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Nicolas Bourriaud CV

About Curator

Nicolas Bourriaud is the Director of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris (ENSBA) since 2012. Bourriaud is best known amongst his peers for his book Relational Aesthetics (1998) in which he attempted to reveal the new approaches to contemporary art in the 1990s by addressing an aesthetic of the inter-human, of encounters and of transforming social contexts.



Participating artists for Taipei Biennial 2014