Taipei Biennial 2020 : You and I don’t Live on the Same Planet



Taipei Biennial 2020 titled "You and I don't Live on the Same Planet" is co-curated by French scholars Bruno Latour and Martin Guinard, along with Eva Lin as the public programs curator. This exhibition invites 57 artists and teams from 27 countries and territories with specialized expertise in fields such as political science, sociology, geography, marine science, and relevant humanities and history departments. They endeavor to lay down a solid foundation for Taipei Biennial 2020.


Considering that the world is facing serious ecological conflicts and that acknowledges and perceptions toward the world or planet are utterly disparate, the curatorial team introduces the concept of "political and diplomatic tactics" to create "new diplomatic encounters". "Diplomacy" is defined as a series of skills, procedures, and cognitive patterns adopted by stakeholders’ either before or after a conflict occurs. The key feature of a diplomatic encounter is that there exists no supreme arbitrator that can determine who is right or wrong in a conflict situation. As such, the necessity for diplomatic negotiation is made even more significant.


The Taipei Biennial hopes to generate a multitude of such encounters through the exhibition. Based on the curatorial structure and the spatial plan, a planetarium-like space has been created and planets have been adopted as individual units to depict the gravitational forces among different entities. A series of public programs will result in moments of planetary collision, which in turn helps visitors come to their definition of the Earth on which they wish to live.