One Minute in Taipei: Erwin Wurm Solo Exhibition

Since the late 1980s, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has developed the humorous “One Minute Sculptures” series that is performance-based. It places people and everyday objects in unexpected relationship situations, challenging traditional imaginings of sculpture. For this exhibition, he once again collaborates with Jérôme Sans, an international curator of The Sky is the Limit at the Taipei Biennial 2000. Apart from expanding and re-interpreting the “Indoor and Outdoor One Minute Sculptures” from back then, the “Word Sculptures” and “Performative Sculptures” series are also included. The audience is invited to recite short texts to produce an image of the sculpture, while selected participants follow instructions to perform body movements, which are designed according to social norms and standards, on clay models of Taipei landmarks. Through the physical performance of these building models, it contemplates the conflicts and connections between social symbols, ideologies, behaviors, and identities.