Kosmos : Chang Ting-Tong Solo Exhibition



Kosmos was born of the eponymous treatise of the famous German polymath and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. His broad, unifying mind is characteristic of the 19th century“universal man.” Humboldt refined the methods used for doing proper research and revealing the inner workings of Nature, such as the precision in collection of samples and measurement of data. He believed that all organic bodies were in some way connected. Such an idea completely revolutionized the way we thought about ecosystems. Not satisfied merely being a scientist, Humboldt was also an avid traveler and explorer, and was a child of Romanticism in that sense. His travels pushed out to the borders of the empire, and clearly marked out the borders between a technological civilization and a primeval society. This exhibition combines several cross-disciplinary paintings by Chang Ting-Tong. The artist uses a variety of mediums, including kinetic installations, film, and drawings, to lay out historical research on a variety of subjects, from the breeding of the sturgeon, tobacco cutworms, and Asian tiger mosquitoes, to the Archaeans and automatons. Visitors are welcome to visit this fascinating universe he has created. Similar in method to the scientists of the 19th century, when visitors travel through the exhibition space, the contradictory, the conflict-filled network of space time, moving in this space from the analogue to the digital, from the past to the future; in a space neither Chinese nor Western, at once scientific and magical, antique and modern.



  • Chang Ting-Tong

      Chang Ting-Tong is a Taiwanese artist based in London. He received his MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London, and has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, Asia House London and Taipei Fine Arts Museum. He has participated in group shows and commission...