The Yellow Snake Is Waiting- Tzu-Huan Lin Solo Exhibition


The highly developed Internet world had changed the possibility of human life. The definition of desire has shifted, and it’s being expanded due to the emergence of Internet. The idea of desire needs to be relocated in this new world.


Serpents of Desire, Dreams of Desire, Elixir of Life, Butterfly, Happiness of Fish, The machine and The Internet.


An expending hole that needs to be stuffed.


A twisted road along the water with vines and mud.


A full-circle system that the desire and consequence can form a chain.


Inspired by the concept of desire machine by French thinkers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, artist Tzu-Huan Lin raises a question: can the machine of desire be self-satisfied? Lin investigates an endless chain of desire by creating an immersive video installation, The Yellow Snake is Waiting. The installation corresponds to the theme such as desire, immortal world and digital jungle in the video. The storyline is circled around three stories about desire in human history, from Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuang’s pursuit of longevity, the desire snake from the Bible and Medusa’s snake hair machine. The artist’s interpretation of desire and freedom are unfolded as he commentated in the video.   


Tzu-Huan Lin, born in 1986, graduated from the school of art of Pratt Institute (digital arts), currently lives and works in New York and Taiwan.