Five Hundred Lemon Trees: An Organic Archive


In 2013, the exhibition of Five Hundred Lemon Trees was turned into a fundraising platform, utilizing the resources of the art world to develop an agricultural brand. HUANG Po-Chih successfully recruited 500 subscribers, each of whom pre-purchased a green wine label. The funding went to reinvigorate three lots of abandoned farmland in Hsinchu and Taoyuan. Five hundred lemon trees were planted there to make limoncello. The project also drew family members, local farmers and consumers into the narrative, producing a new set of community relationships, which in turn became an indispensable part of the evolution of the work. This art action has opened up an investigation into life, and it made HUANG to focus on the ordinary individuals involved in the project. An interlocking, feedbacking, symbiotic system emerged, moving from planting to research to writing to infusing the liqueur to blending it. It is a brand. It is art. It is wine. It is an organism that changes flexibly and constantly along with life. This exhibition will be compiled from the different angles of storytelling, project planning, photography, documentation, remnants, dialogues, and site visits, in order to gain a new comprehension of how Five Hundred Lemon Trees has been developed and executed from its inception till today.