The Wondrous All: Leading Edge of Eastern Thought

The heritage of eastern art and its countless variations are long standing and well established. The pulsations of intellectual history have always been the subject of artistic endeavor. From traditional to modern times, a wide spectrum of artworks provides exemplary insight for artists to consider in their creative practice. Artists are generally nourished by the legacy of their culture, and facing the vast trove of historical models, there has always been an inexhaustible supply of inspiration. Together, concepts and forms produce diverse manifestations which contribute to art and culture. The Curator of The Wondrous All: Leading Edge of Eastern Thought has invited artists from both China and Taiwan, including Lee Yi-Hong, Lu I-Chung, Jun T. Lai, Huang I-Ming, Lee Chen-Cheng, Li Hua-Yi, Zhang Huan, Zhan Wang and Cai Zhisong. These artists impart their work with a pronounced eastern sensibility while using familiar eastern elements to explore psychological state of contemporary artists. They probe the eastern roots of national culture from the perspective of ideology, philosophy, literature, psychology and sociology. Visual language communicates subject matter including not only references to the physical world and everyday life, but also subjects that flow from the depths of interior worlds. Calligraphy, ink painting, oil painting and sculpture in this exhibition all recall history to imbue contemporary art with fresh vitality. Familiar and friendly, the symbolic connotations of these sensitive works arise from traditional cultural resources. They not only continue the essence of tradition, but also cross barriers between the present and past to demonstrate the spirit of art itself.