Molyneux – Project by Chou Yu-Cheng

Grand Prize winner of the 2012 Taipei Arts Awards Chou Yu-Cheng (b. 1975) will be exhibiting new work at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Chou's artworks take various forms, but most are projects involving individuals, corporations or organizations, which he considers to be ready-made objects. Chou plays the role of intermediary in his projects which are realized through procedures and operations, and content is generated dialectically from various kinds of input and results. For the proposal on exhibit, Chou has chosen the British artist Geoff Molyneux (b. 1951) as his ready-made. Chou reinterprets work from different periods in Molyneux's career, presenting the history of a western artist's formal development from the perspective of his identity as an Asian artist. Molyneux's artistic practice, from his participation in the western art world since the mid 1970s, to relationships between his context and artistic development, is the focus of this exhibition. Currently residing in Manchester, England, Molyneux studied at Liverpool School of Art. His early works were mainly geometric paintings, which he later developed into installations, landscape art, video and performance. Both Chou and Molyneux have deep feelings for how the evolution of art affected personal creative processes, and have developed collaborative works reflecting concerns of their respective generations as well as different eras. Chou presents Molyneux's work in such a way that divorces it from its original time and place, thus presenting the audience with a different Geoff Molyneux and extending the significance of issues such as copyright, power balance and the definition of an artwork.