cover - Niu Chung-chiang Solo Exhibition

In 2011, Nat Niu Chun-chiang was one of the artists selected for the exhibitions by application presented by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The work featured in “cover - Niu Chung-chiang Solo Exhibition” is inspired by the current changes in the artist’s life. Reflecting the changes in his love life, family and physical conditions, he turns the exhibition venue into one work to explore the meaning of “disappearance” in man’s existence. For Nat Niu, when something is “over”, it only means that it is temporarily “covered”, but it will not disappear forever.

For this exhibition, Nat Niu invites 18 participants to talk about a profound experience in their lives, which will be presented through objects, photographs or films and put on display from August 18 to September 30. A countdown timer projected on the wall suggests that these objects, memories, events or identities are temporarily removed from the participants during the exhibition, and anticipates the unknown and unpredictable results when they are returned to the participants after the exhibition ends. Finally, the countdown timer projected on the rear wall of the exhibition venue symbolizes the move towards an unknown future.

Disappearance is not the end. Using his own lost experiences as a starting point, Nat Niu collects different life stories through the exhibition and seeks the collective consciousness with a more positive attitude. By confronting the temporary “disappearance” and exploring an outcome that has various possibilities, he searches for new perspectives and new approaches.