Way Out Beyond─Liao Chi-Yu Solo Exhibition



Liao Chi Yu presents this new solo exhibition after three years. There are two series of works: continued with artist’s recent dual-channel video installation works Sanssoucci Park and River, in which she created video image spaces by hand-painted film set; The Fruit Enchanted, the last part of this trilogy, depicts a mother and son: the mother is a movie star, while the son, through the mother’s performance, speculates on her life experiences and decisions those in relation with himself. The other series revolves around the experience of people co-existing with animals, include single-channel videos, kinetic installations, and painting pieces. The images do not show the animals, but the viewer can feel like they had once existed or  been in other invisible forms in memory or fantacy, along with stories about life and death, love and companionship touching on imaginations and deliberations about the present and the next life.