Wu Chuan-Lun—No Country for Canine



The collection of Shepherd Dog money boxes made in Taiwan in the early days was the starting point of this exhibition. In Taiwan, German Shepherds probably arrived during the Japanese colonial rule era. In the past, German Shepherds were mainly kept by those in the upper levels of society. So for a long time, it came with the image of authority and high class, and perhaps this had also unintentionally caused German Shepherd money boxes to become a popular prize in the days after society gradually opened up. In Germany, the forming process of the German Shepherd breed and its subsequent application have created a subtle link between the German Shepherd and the German nation. The ceramic ornaments manufactured through mass-production mold and the purebred dogs that need to be reproduced under the set standard, echoes each other in their production logic. This exhibition attempts to use layers of metaphors to show from porcelain to dogs, then from the dog breed to the human race. The artist uses simple pencil sketches, white porcelain, brass, photography, and video images to complement the artifacts he collected and the messages that they bear