The Self, Humans and Machines with Their Residues – Ban-Yuan Chang Solo Exhibition



This exhibition brings together 15 installation and sculpture pieces to explore the coexistence between the self, humans, and machines, also serve as a response to the linkage and re-imagination of people to their own culture and traditions (customs, identity, folk beliefs, rituals) and the nomadic accessibility on machines (such as cyberspace, data storage and retrieval and access, and right of use to commands). Under this network-connected system, by using a collage of traditional oriental elements and multiple sculptures put together with interactive machine installations, Ban-Yuan Chang conveys the political purpose of humans and machines, and the tradition applied to today's society, as well as the imbalance caused by excessive consumption, from which a normalizable imaginary space is proposed. At the same time, the ‘‘co-sharing relationship between machine and human” and the enaction of the entanglement between human and society and machines is interpreted from an affirmative perspective. The posthuman era is about to come, as said by the representative postmodern literary scholar Katherine Hayles: “We have always been posthumans”. Through this exhibition, Ban-Yuan Chang tends to provide a constructed imaginative artifact space by juxtaposing cultural multiplicities and mechanical interactive installations, in the hopes that the audience can reflect on today's dilemma and the co-sharing and coexistence of the information age.