For a Modern Vision: Taiwan’s Transdisciplinary Plasticity in the 70s

This elaborately organized exhibition features the issues concerning the plasticity among different fields of the arts in Taiwan throughout the 1970s.

Taiwan’s art history tends to focus on nativist and realistic expressions when it comes to the visual arts, photography, dance, theater, design, or even television imagery of the 1970s. In terms of vision, however, the so called “modernity” has not only become a subject of debates on related issues but also meticulously addressed itself to the questions regarding new ways of creating plasticity for nativist and realistic expressions. Explicitly formulating the concept of “cultural plasticity” in the 1970s, Jiang Xun believes that the disciplines such as fine arts, photography, dance, cinematography, and even literature require critical reconsideration of cultural issues from the perspective of plasticity. By virtue of the literature and material on visual arts, photography and design in the 1970s, this exhibition seeks to represent as comprehensive as possible the artistic endeavor in finding new ways of creating plasticity first made in the late 1960s and widely undertaken in the 1970s.