My Body Is an Air Quality Monitoring Station: Lin Tay-jou Solo Exhibition


In recent years, Lin Tay-jou has been active in environmental protection movements and has filmed a series of feature and documentary films exposing the severity of environmental pollution in Taiwan. The solo exhibition My Body Is an Air Quality Monitoring Station was inspired by a public hearing in southern Taiwan where local resident Hsu Li-yi vehemently protested against Environmental Protection Administration officials and senior management of a petrochemical plant. Suffering from various kinds of illnesses as a result of pollution from the plant, health of the local residents deteriorated, which resulted in a spate of untimely deaths. As the government failed to keep track of pollution levels and mitigate pollution hazards, local residents felt abandoned and helpless. In essence, they were like laboratory mice exposed to a toxic environment, sacrificing their health while living under constant threat.

According to the German philosopher Nietzsche, life itself is the will to power. As the body fights to acquire the conditions necessary to survive, strength is released, and fate is rewritten.

The solo exhibition, which presents the works of Lin Tay-jou as part of the environmental protection movement over the last three years, includes music videos, documentaries, video art, and commercials. The works also illustrate the use of video art as a media tool to advocate increased environmental awareness.

  • Lin Tay-jou

      Lin Tay-jou earned his MA degree in filmmaking in the UK, and is currently the associate professor at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. In recent years, Lin has focused on filming the environment, using film as a tool to raise environmental a...