Taipei Biennial

Held every two years to promote contemporary art within a global perspective, Taipei Biennial is one of the most pivotal international exhibitions organized by TFAM. As one of Asia’s longest running biennials, Taiwan’s contemporary art has experienced rapid growth and increasing internationalization in the last two decades with the biennial trend gaining traction worldwide. Widespread observation and critique of post-colonial positionality has been the focal point of various sectors of regional and international art scenes.


Taipei Biennial 2020 marks the 12th in the series since the Biennial began in 1998, bearing witness to nearly 20 years of transmutation and narrative transformation in a global and geo-cultural context. Taipei Biennial 2020 aims to construct a uniquely pan-Asian and Taiwan-specific vision to promote exchanges in local and international art fields, in the hope of developing the unique, transforming, and fluctuating role of the Taipei Biennial in the midst of a global deluge of biennials.


The Curator of Taipei Biennial 2020 Taipei Biennial 2020