IN-Site:2019 X-Site International Forum International Forum

► TIME      November 09 (Sat.)    1300- 1830

                     November 10 (Sun.)   10:00- 17:30

► VENUE:  TFAM Auditorium

► Chinese/English simultaneous interpretation 

► Registration opens at 09:30am on Oct. 22, ends at 5pm on Nov. 7.


IN-Site: 2019 X-Site International Forum and Workshop is a special project in 2019 after five years of experience and observations in Program X-Site since its conception in 2014.  This is a continuation of the Out of Site international seminar at TFAM in 2013 referencing the possibilities of experimentation and imagination of the museum’s landscape, exploring new experience in architectural installations in art galleries, prototyping the interaction between art and architecture, and sharing TFAM’s experience in hosting Program X-Site. With Program X-Site entering its sixth year, the IN-Site International Forum and Workshop is based on observations of recent years of experience with the program. IN-Site is akin to an experiment that substitutes in various parameters, where IN is not only relative to the characteristic of out/off/non, but also refers directly to the presence of the site along with the participation of the object/event – in which we could initiate multiple perspectives on exploring the fluid, inter/cross-disciplinary, multiplicative, and multiplex models of the various social, natural, political, and economic aspects within this ecological relationship. Thus, we can begin to imagine the spatial-temporal experience of IN-Site constructed collectively by the “artwork – site – involver.” It would take away the individual discussion of art and architecture to expand into the diverse non-qualitative topics of “future of interdisciplinary collaboration” and “spatial installation and public communication.” This enables us to delve deeper into the difficult challenges, methodologies, and collaboration of the interdisciplinary experiments in spatial installations. 



♦  Mark Lee│Chair of the Department of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design// Co-curator of 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial

♦  Dev Joshi│Associate Director and Head of Technology of Random International

♦  Alex Schweder│“Performance Artist & Architect”, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

♦  Aric Chen│ Independent Curator for Design and Architecture

♦  Arthur Mamou-Mani│ Director of Mamou-Mani Architects

♦  James Binning│Assemble 

♦  Llunc Lin │Co-founder of LuxuryLogico