Wang Da Hong House Theatre


Before it was demolished, Wang Da Hong’s residence was located on an alleyway off of Jianguo South Road. In 2017, the Wang Dahong Institute for Building Research and Conservation began plans to build a replica which would stand on the Art Park at the southside of TFAM and be donated to the Taipei City Government for the purposes of research and education. In 2018, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum started operating Wang Da Hong House Theatre. The site will become a platform for promoting the history of architecture in Taiwan and introducing experimental exhibitions and performances based on architectural aesthetics.

Under TFAM’s direction, Wang Da Hong House Theatre involves elements of both architecture and theater. This can be understood as architecture being the theater for life, and as architecture building a theater. The theater here is non-traditional, as it does not contain common elements such as a stage, seats, actors, or audience. In addition to imitation of life and removal from reality, the concept of Wang Da Hong House Theatre includes immersive theater and an architectural space separate from the real world. Visitors are invited to enter the structure, experience it firsthand, and walk away with their own unique impressions.


Wang Da Hong House Theatre: Guided Tours

2020/01/03 - 2020/12/26