Summary of the Journal No.34

1. Statement of Purpose

This journal was established to accept open submissions and conduct fair review of essays in order to present academic research on modern and contemporary art.


2. Scope of Submissions

Beginning from the 23rd issue, this journal accepts submissions in two categories, “themed submissions” and “general submissions.” Themed submissions will follow a theme set by the journal’s editor for each issue. General submissions are welcomed for a wide range of topics, including discourse on interdisciplinary art, art history, art criticism, museum education and art administration.


3. Review

Submitted manuscripts are first reviewed by the editor and deputy editor of the upcoming issue. An external review committee will then assign a number to each manuscript for anonymous review, propose revisions and assess whether each manuscript is suitable for publication. The committee’s recommendations will be sent to the author for revisions. The guest editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in- chief will then examine the revisions to see that they comply with the committee’s appraisal. Publication of the manuscript will be confirmed at a meeting of the editorial board.


4. Publishing Milestones

In 1997, plans to publish the journal as an annual journal were formulated. In June 1998, the first issue was published. In 1999, the annual publication date was changed to the end of the year in order to coordinate with the fiscal year. In 2003, plans were drafted to make the journal bi-annual. In 2004, bi-annual publication began and publication dates set for May and November. In April 2004, a special study by the National Science Council “A Second Assessment of Journals Related to Disciplines in the Arts” assessed this journal (the original annual edition) as an “excellent publication.” On June 10, 2011, the Taipei City Government's Department of Cultural Affairs issued official document number 10030171900, “The Need to Establish an Editorial Board for the Journal of Taipei City Fine Arts Museum,” ordering the establishment of an editorial board, with meetings to be convened at least twice a year but without fixed dates and according to editorial needs. In 2012, beginning from the 23rd issue, it was decided that a member of the editorial board will be selected to edit the theme section of each issue. In 2016, beginning from the 31rd issue, the Journal discontinues its print edition and become a purely digital publication with all contents available for free on the website of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.