Personnel Office

Personnel Office (Number of budget positions people:4 people):Responsible for human resource management, based on the applicable laws and regulations.


Duties of staff in Personnel Office

Title Number of
budget posts
Responsible Duties contacts
  1. Supervise human resource tasks.
  2. Prepared by organization、human evaluation and layered responsible.
  3. Position return line and general survey grades.
  4. Attend related meetings.
  5. Other temporary to-do tasks.
25957656 #700
Personnel Assistant
(to be recruited)
  1. Appointment and removal and transfer related tasks.
  2. Performance appraisal tasks.
  3. Handle reward and punishment, official business abroad cases.
  4. Submit all kinds of reports.
  5. Handle complaint cases.
  6. Update and maintain the HR information system.
  7. Other temporary to-do tasks.
25957656 #701
Contract Employee
Miss Kan
  1. Handle training cases.
  2. Handle the various types of certificates and documents tranfsfer.
  3. The senior officers’ leave application.
  4. Check and record the staffs’ traveling abroad cases.
  5. Handle the cases of sexual harassment.
  6. Other temporary to-do tasks.
25957656 #702
Technical Worker
Miss Pang
  1. Arrange the duty roster.
  2. Absent management.
  3. Registration desk work.
  4. Sort the overtime sheet.
  5. Register holiday allowances.
  6. Other temporary to-do tasks.
25957656 #703