Satellite11 : Planet BioTa

Be it the polar bears living thousands of miles away or humans who are lying around in air-conditioned rooms, we are all enduring the effects of the yearly rise in temperature. Everyone has their own views on how to deal with the drastic climate change. And you? What do you think?


The curators of "Taipei Biennial 2020" acknowledge the urgency for sustainable development and that action needs to be taken. However, everyone has their own ideas; we have not yet reached a consensus on the future of the Earth. The curators therefore propose an exhibition entitled "You and I Don't Live on the Same Planet". The exhibition will be used as a platform to encourage conversation. Not only have they invited artists and philosophers from around the world to start a debate, but all of us are invited to join in and take action too. 


Located on the basement level, the Children's Art Education Center is now embarking on its 11th project since its opening in 2014. The latest project, "Satellite 11: Planet BioTa", resembles a satellite circling "Taipei Biennial 2020"; the two exhibitions are separate yet connected. Welcome on board this miraculous planet. 


"Planet BioTa" invites Sih-Chin Wu, Wei-Hsiang Lin, Atelier Hui-Kan and raumlaborberlin to exhibit their rediscovery of various species. Based on their knowledge of the natural environment and animal science, and their skill in transforming that understanding into multisensory learning opportunities, they have developed a series of interactive works that encourage visitors to observe, play, experience and create. 


Visitors are guided by the artists to shift their usual human-centered perspective, and recognize the vulnerability of the habitats that are often neglected due to our lack of knowledge about them. As we familiarize ourselves with how to take care of the different biotas and understand the importance of natural diversity, we will learn how to coexist with the animals and plants in a way that is mutually beneficial and equal.



Atelier Hui-Kan

Lin Wei-Hsiang

Wu Sih-Chin