Art in Motion

Since the industrial revolution, machines have been integrated into our daily lives, sharing our workload, and bringing modern convenience through fast production capabilities with reliable quality. When it comes to power machinery, we would usually think of functions that have a clear purpose, where engineers build vehicles and designers invent interesting toys. Other examples of using such ubiquitous power machinery include using earthmovers to build a house and taking the elevator.

While the common impression of machines is that they are cold and unhuman-like, artists would instead look at them with poetic eyes. They would take the mechanical parts as materials for creation, collection, disassembly, research, transformation, assembly, experiment, and adding their own memories and imaginations to the machine to let it tell us its feelings and memories.

The “Art of Motion” includes the art installations and interactive productions from four contemporary artists, SHYU Ruey Shiann, CHIU Chao Tsai, WANG Chung Kun, and YU Shih Fu, to present ingenious ideas in designing power machinery.
The artists would let us refamiliarize with ordinary mechanical devices by escaping from the preexisting concepts and imaginations to rediscover new ways to look at things. You are free to exclaim, “So this is how it works!” and “I want to try it for myself.”




Small Universe performance schedule:

Tuesday through Friday



Saturday and Sunday




Each performance lasts 5 minutes.