Everyday Fictionality: Beholding Shadows of Illusion – Sera Chen Solo Exhibition



Living within internet virtual objects, languages, artificial ecology and illegal constructions, which are unregistered in Taiwan, in our everyday lives is no longer a unidirectional simulation or just referring to reality. Perceptual objects are hybrids of the real and the virtual; everyday became “I”, “you” and “it” are all human-made. The weather, law, and ecology are constantly being destroyed and recreated. In the contemporary era, language, nature, and law, like three-dimensional objects created by computer simulation, are all fictitious.


Through video installation, this exhibition focuses on the relationship between the human, the and the social while exploring the narrative capabilities of video beyond time-based media. Employing found objects, virtual objects (3D models), appropriation, computer simulation, and mapped projections, Sera Chen not only carries out a dialectic discourse within (about) the natural, the artificial, the actual and the but also questions the very formation of identification. By interweaving non-linear narrative with virtual and found objects in her work, Chen distills the imperceptibility of certain issues to open up a dialogue for viewers in relation to the categories of , non-local, real and . In so doing, she attempts to expand the dimensions of perception, destabilize the rigid cognition of everyday ideology, and reconstruct a perception system of virtual reality and reality.